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Leeds Community Healthcare (LCH) is committed to collaborating with partners to provide excellent training and development opportunities to all staff and student groups.

We strive to offer inclusive multidisciplinary opportunities that reflect what it is truly like to work in the NHS.  

Placements in a community trust provide the opportunity to experience the delivery of care in a wide range of settings, including in people’s own homes as well as in clinics, community centres, schools and custody suites.

Clinical Education and Training

The Clinical Education Team provide educational support for staff, students and other learners who are either employed or on a placement within the Trust. The team work with our primary care partners, local colleges and universities, and Health Education England to support a quality learning experience. We provide clinical leadership and support to pre and post registration learners in clinical teams within the Trust. We also offer resuscitation training, clinical skills training and preceptorship support for LCH and primary care staff.

We host over 500 undergraduate (pre and post registration) health care students each year across all business units and in all clinical areas. This includes students in: apprenticeships, nursing, occupational therapy, district nursing and Advanced Clinical Practitioners to name a few.

Medical Education and Training

The Medical Education Department provides clinical leadership for postgraduate and undergraduate medical education in partnership with Health Education England and the University of Leeds, to oversee clinical training for all levels of medical students and doctors in training.

We host over 300 undergraduate medical students and 21 postgraduate doctors in training across 5 different services each year.

We have a strong medical education governance structure throughout the Trust, led by the Medical Director, and supported by the Associate Director for Teaching and Student Support, clinical staff, trainers and a dedicated administration team focussed on delivering and supporting high quality education and training.

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